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Semiautomatic or manual dosing and Nitric Oxide monitor

Semiautomatic or manual dosing and Nitric Oxide monitor - Image 2 - Main image
Semiautomatic or manual dosing and Nitric Oxide monitor - Image Principal




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NOXtec 2000 is a medical device which both dosifies and monitors the supply of nitric oxide (NO).

NO is a gaseous vasodilator used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is supplied to the patients mixed with medical oxygen. NOXtec 2000 supplies a stable dosis throughout the therapy. The dosing flow is set semi-automatic mode, once the user pre-set the respiratory flow and the dose in PPM on the screen of the device.

Thanks to the continuous sampling of the NO-O2 mixture flow supplied, NOXtec 2000 is able to monitorize the NO concentration that the patient is receiving, and to check if this value is placed within predetermined thresholds.

NOXtec 2000 also monitors trace quantities of nitrous oxide (NO2) in the mixture, a highly toxic gas which can compromise the patient’s safety during the treatment. NOXtec 2000 triggers and alarm when this trace surpasses a threshold value.


  • Dosing and monitoring modules and user interface independent from each other to guarantee the patient's safety.
  • Automatic calibraton of the NO, NO2 and O2 sensors, available even when the device is off.
  • NOXtec 2000 includes an emergency manual dosing mode, which can be used even when the device is off.
  • Dosing mode options: Semi-automatic or Manual
  • Negligible liberation of NO to the environment. The devices includes a purge outlet to gather and canalize the residual gas.
  • Ethernet port for remote technical assistance.
  • USB port to retrieve therapy data files.