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New height-adjustable support arms

By Ingeniería y Técnicas Clínicas

Ingeniería y Técnicas Clínicas offers the customer a wide range of products and bedheads units is one of them. In this post, we want to show the new height-adjustable support arms that our engineering team has designed. 

These arms are within the NEXUS Pendant product range which includes bedheads units, movable racks and rotating racks. As the other products of the range, they are focused to use in intensive care area, operating rooms and diagnosis rooms. These products offer to the user different advantages as best comfort, the height of the accessories can be adjusted, accessories and equipment can be combined and it makes easier the cleaning on the working area.

¿Which are the technical characteristics of the device?

- Electromagnetic or Electropneumatic braking. Do not need maintenance

- Height adjustment of 700 mm in 10-12 sec (20º+30º)

- Motor control depending on neccesities of the customer

- Up to 1000 Kg payload

- With 110cm2 space for cables and hoses inside the arms, makes easier the cable routing and the volume of supply for medical devices.

- Large openings to access the system on installation

- Freely variable positioning of the multi-purpose rack allows variable height- and direction-adjustment of the trays.

- Easy adjustment to the room´s neccesities

- No visible screws

- Customizable arm

- LED Night lights

- Modules positioned at each side allow access to the gas and electric outlets from either side

- The innovative bearings ensure smooth-running systems that can be moved easely.

- Optical feedback and signals appear when the brake is released. This eliminates the risk of faulty operation and offers the best usability.

As the product range from NEXUS II Pendant line, the height-adjustable support arms can incorporate different accessories: drawer and metallic tray, support for droppers or support for infusion pumps, as shown in the following pictures.